Longines FEI World Cup returns to Casas Novas, after its premiere last year. The level was very high, proof of this was that only 8 riders qualified for the jump off. All the spotlights of the jumping world were in Casas Novas, with a full house in the equestrian center. A Coruña’s competition is the seventh stage of 2017-2018 Western European League. The fans could enjoy the best jumping show in the world.

The course, designed by Santiago Varela, set bar very high for all the riders taking part in it, with riders as talented as Sergio Álvarez Moya or Ludger Beerbaum who could not get their place in the final. Varela wants to “congratulate the organization for a super great job, because is not easy to hold the World Cup and the place is fantastic”.

In an exciting jump off, in which emotion was not lacking from beginning to end, Edwina Tops-Alexander won riding her new 10-year-old mare California with a time of 40.08 seconds in a very fast performance without any penalty. The audience could enjoy again with the Australian horsewoman after her rest of the competitions last year. Elena Orozco, Director of Longines in Spain, give to Edwina the trophy.

Edwina declares that “it’s very exciting and a fantastic feeling” to win here and, about her mare she explains that “It is her second victory in a Grand Prix and although it’s always hard to compare we match and we are doing good things”. About the jumping show, Tops-Alexander said that Casas Novas has an “unbelievable atmosphere, it’s always full house.”

Austrian Max Kühner finished second with Chardonnay 79, with a time of 42.33 seconds. The rider said that “it was a fantastic day” and he is happy because he “needs to catch up points for the final in Paris”. Finally, the Spanish rider Manuel Fernández Saro held on for third place with Cuidam and 43.89 on the clock.

Another riders that competed in the jump off were Sameh El Dahan, Robert Whitaker, Luz Felipe de Azevedo Filo or Maikelvan der Vleuten.


Another Spanish victory at Casas Novas where Sara Salom has won this afternoon the Tyco Grand Prix, the big test of the 2* contest. The Catalan horsewoman, on the back of Clear Concert, did not give her opponents an option in the jump off, with 40.06 seconds, more than three seconds over the following one. It was Galician rider Roi Calviño who competed supported by the local fans, although he could not get off the 43.81 seconds riding Enjoy. In the third place, the Belgian Celine Schoonbroodt-de Azevedo, who made a great time, 37.56, but made one takedown. Ricardo Arroyo, retail vice-president in Europe of Tyco gave her the trophy.

Salom could not debut better on her first visit to the equestrian center of A Coruña. In her assessment of the test, she had praise for Clear Concert: “The first round has been difficult, and in the jump off I took the risk of going to the double, I closed a lot. I have a horse that helps me a lot”.

The winner highlighted the presence of the audience in the stands, “because it is something that motivates you”, and about the facilities: “the center is, without a doubt, the best indoor in which I have run” she said after the awards ceremony. About Roi Calviño, second classified “I am very happy for the good work of Roi, who is my friend”.

Only 6 pairs were classified for the jump off, from a total of 34 that came out on track this time. In the fourth place was the Spanish Jesús Torres, with Orphee du Breche, and fifth was Joel Vallés Rosel, riding Seneca de Panoly. The bad news of the test was the injury of Mariel Victoria Aguirre’s horse that had to be retired from the competition with an injury.


The top riders of the jumping circuit were seen in the first 5* of the day. Finally, the winner of the Prosegur Trophy was Emanuele Gaudiano, which received its distinction from the hands of José Santos Cavado from Prosegur.

Among so many great riders, the winner was Gaudiano, who made a fast and skillful performance riding Carlotta 232 and stopped the clock at 28.23 seconds. The rider said about his mare “Carlota is a very fast horse. Today, she did her best and you could see that in the results. When she’s clear, she’s very fast, normally, 80% of the time she wins”. About the performance of his partners Emmanuel said that “when I came Julien was on the lead. I saw his course and I thought maybe we couldn’t win it, but Carlota and I did everything we could to win”. He only had good words about the CSI “it is a wonderful place and the grounds are very good”.

Very close to the winner, at 29.24 seconds, was Julien Epaillard, with his horse Usual Suspect d’Auge. The last place of the podium was for Leopold van Asten, which achieved a time of 30.17 seconds on the back of VDL Groep Miss Untouchable. Both of them have won in Casas Novas, the Italian rider won a few years ago in the summer edition; the Frenchman took his last victory this same weekend in the NH Collection Collection and Leopold van Asten won twice.


The day began in Casas Novas with 29 riders disputing the Eroski Center Trophy in the arena of the International Jumping Show. The start list has a huge Spanish presence, with up to twenty national riders, but the victory goes to Mexico.

It was Mariel Victoria Aguirre who did the best time without penalties, 28.72 seconds, on the back of Taormina. Eutimio García, from Eroski, gave the winner the Trophy. The Mexican is making a great weekend, with two victories and a third place.

The horsewoman said that “I don’t expect to win or get so many good results, but my mare is so fast and, if she had no penalties, she always finishes in the top positions. It is perfect to end the year winning”. About the next competition which she is going to take part in Casas Novas, Tyco Gran Prix, the Mexican confirms that “I hope she also makes no penalties there and does well today”.

The podium was completed by national riders, like young Diego Ramos Maneiro with Texas de Trebompe stopping the clock in 28.89 sec and Alberto Márquez Galobardes on the back of Ineta del Maset with 29.04 sec. Márquez Galobardes is also doing a great CSI with a victory on Friday at the Marqués de Riscal Trophy.

This test was the first of the closing day of the CSI and was held from 9:15am in the two phases with obstacles of 1.30 meters. The course put to the test the talent and focus of the participating pairs, several included refusals.