The French rider Roger Yves Bost picked from H.R.H. the Infanta Doña Elena, the Mutua Madrileña – Longines FEI World Cup Grand Prix, the most important class of this fifth edition of Madrid Horse Week.

Spaniards Beatriz Ferrer-Salat and Jónatan Peña did not disappoint in the Dressage (CDI5 *) and Doma Vaquera classes, respectively.

At 9:00 pm, the Mutua Madrileña – Longines FEI World Cup Grand Prix , began. A very exciting class that kept the audience in suspense until the last minute. A class with a height of 160 cm and disputed under the “Jump Off” scale.

A very squared course that has given certain problems to the riders, especially the complicated entry to the first element of the triple, causing most of the knock downs of the class. The time allowed was very tight, which has made the riders to rush to the maximum, making amazing cuts to enter the last obstacle. Finally, there were 18 riders who managed to make the course without fault, thus getting into the jump-off.

The French rider, Roger Yves Bost, made a spectacular course riding Sydney Une Prince, in a time of 42.23 seconds. This victory was a surprise for Yves Bost himself: “When I finished the course I did not expected to win”, said the rider at the press conference that took place next. “But apparently, my horse was the fastest of the jump-off”, he laughed. Second was the Belgian Niels Bruynseels with Cas de Liberte in 42.67 seconds. Bruynseels, who has been doing a very good season, has praised the work done by his horses. “I owe everything to my horses,” said the Belgian, “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.”

“The two riders that worried me the most for the jump-off have been the ones that have ended up ahead of me,” acknowledged the Irishman Mark McAuley, who finished third riding Mibello. “However, I’m happy with my course”, he added.

The one in charge of delivering the awards to the winners of the class was H.R.H. the Infanta Doña Elena, Honorary President of this 5th edition of MHW.

The only Spaniard who managed to sneak into the jump-off was Julio Arias, who finished in the 14th position riding Lennox Luis, in a time of 45.77 seconds. “I was very happy to have finished the first course without fault,” commented the Spaniard, “but when I saw that we were 18 classified for the jump-off I knew that I didn’t had a single choice; my horse is not the fastest.”

The press conference was also attended by Álvaro Arrieta Konay, Show Director, and Javier Trenor, better known as “Chape”, Madrid Horse Week’s Course Designer. “More horses than I expected managed to get into the jump-off,” said Trenor, who thought the distances were tougher than they turned out to be. “Congratulations to the riders. They ride even better each year and they have better horses, which makes it harder for us.”

Álvaro Arrieta has taken the opportunity to thank Mutua Madrileña, Longines and the rest of sponsors for making possible this fifth edition of Madrid Horse Week. “We are already working on next year’s edition,” said Arrieta.


The CDI5* Rodilla Grand Prix started this morning at 11:30 a.m. Dressage fans enjoyed this discipline, based on the harmony between rider and horse through which a series of movements of great difficulty are made.

The Spanish Olympic Beatriz Ferrer-Salat demonstrated why she was the favorite of the public for this fifth edition of Madrid Horse Week. On the back of one of her favorite horses, Delgado, a very strong and expressive animal that has been running at Grand Prix level for seven years, Beatriz Ferrer-Salat clung to the first position with a spectacular score of 73.320%. Second was his compatriot, José Antonio García Mena, who obtained a score of 69.760% with Benzi Landro. Third was the Dutchman, Sascha Schulz, riding Dragao, a horse that has been doing a very good season, with a score of 69.680%.


The final of the Maestros de la Vaquera Cup left no one indifferent. The class, which began at 6:30 pm in the Spectacles Arena, had the tickets sold out for a couple of weeks; nobody wanted to miss the debut of this discipline in the fifth edition of Madrid Horse Week.

Jónatan Peña Cordero and Talavante, a pair that has proclaimed themselves Spanish Champions this year, reaffirmed their title in the IFEMA facilities, winning the second phase of this final, exceeding its score of the previous day by 33 hundredths, ending with 281.33 points, and a total result of 562.33.

For another day, second was Rafael Arcos González, which has behind him five Spanish Champion titles, riding Conquero. The total score of this rider in the final of the Maestros de la Vaquera Cup was 556.33. Third was Buenaventura Maestre Soria with Alhambra, whose score today (270.83) placed him on the podium, replacing Juan Fernando Holgado Estrada and Batuteiro, who were only 50 hundredths away from Maestre Soria.


Saturday was marked by the great influx of public that pavilions 12 and 14 of IFEMA housed. Nobody wanted to miss the spectacular sports program offered by Madrid Horse Week. Both the Commercial Village and the Main Arena were overflowing with people. The Main Arena managed to reach the full capacity, with the tickets sold out early in the morning. The young riders of the Ponies Grand National entertained everyone with a show full of adrenaline and speed that was made between classes.

Italy can be proud of the performance of its representatives in this edition of Madrid Horse Week. Emanuele Gaudiano won the CSI5*-W Hola Trophy. On Friday he also won the CSI5* MHW Trophy, riding the same 8-year-old mare that took him to the top today. This binomial made a spectacular course in a time impossible to beat 55.20 seconds. Second was the Dutch Maikel Van der Vleuten, who took his father, Eric Van der Vleuten, off the podium at the last second. Maikel rode VDL Groep Quatro and finished the course in 56.07 seconds. His compatriot, Marc Houtzager, with Zigali P S was third with a time of 56.98 seconds.

On the other hand, another Italian, Luca Maria Moneta took the CSI5* + CSI2* class, the 6 Bars Mutua Madrileña Trophy for the third consecutive year. The class, one of the most impressive of the event, consists of a small number of obstacles that the riders have to jump without fault. The qualifying rounds happen quickly, while the number of participants decreases progressively as the obstacles are raised.

The course began with a height of 160 cm, where 7 of the 12 riders were able to sneak into the first round, in which the Basque rider, Kevin González de Zárate with Urbain des Grezils, and one of the favorites of this test, Marcus Ehning, dropped off the list. After the German was eliminated, all eyes were set on the Italian, Luca Maria Moneta and the Frenchman, Aldrick Cheronnet.

The second qualifying round had a maximum height of 180 cm, and surprisingly, the remaining 5 riders of the class managed to hold on to the third one.

Finally, Luca María Moneta and his young horse, Viking du Bary, managed to put the stands on their feet, being the only ones capable of not knocking down the last obstacle, with a height of 190 cm. Julio Álvarez Moya, Aldrick Cheronnet, the Norwegian Victoria Gulliksen and the Ukrainian Ferenc Szentirmal remained behind with 4 points. It is worth mentioning Victoria Gulliksen and Ballenteskin Watch Thi’s performance, winners of the CSI5* -W Jump & Drive, Mitsubishi Trophy. They have been a pleasant discovery for the equestrian fans who have attended the fifth edition of Madrid Horse Week.

In the CSI2*, Coca-Cola Trophy, Kevin González de Zárate made an impeccable course riding Diamogold, in a time of 50.14 seconds. It seemed that nobody was going to be able to overcome the Basque rider, since he had lowered the time granted in more than 15 seconds, but almost at the end of the class, Íñigo López de la Osa Escribano and his mare Gesa, left everyone hallucinated, surpassing González de Zárate with more than a second of difference. Third was the young rider Diego Ramos Maneiro riding Brisa de Montemeao, a national mare, in a time of 51.03 seconds.