Friday of many emotions for the second day of the LGCT in the CDMX

Friday of many emotions for the second day of the LGCT in the CDMX

The last test of the day in the CDMX is the one that starts the team tour of the LGCT 2018. At 15:30 hrs. The start of the stellar event of the day, the Massimo Dutti trophy, called at 1.50 / 160 meters against the clock, in which 19 sponsored teams participated plus a few individual riders, totaling 51 participants.

The complicated course result of designer Javier Trenor, managed to test the best riders in the world, with a total of 12 riders without fouls and 6 with excess of time, Trenor gives the necessary importance to this tour of sponsored teams. But it is not until the time of Italy with Lorenzo de Luca occupying the 7 place in the ranking, who makes an impressive track with zero fouls in an unbeatable time of 64.95 seconds. Shane Sweetnam is placed in second with a time of 68.08 which is not close to the unbeatable time of Lorenzo. Almost to finish the test appears the Spanish Eduardo Álvarez Aznar who leads a phenomenal competition in Mexico with his horse Fidux to be placed in second place with a time of 65.36 moving Shane Sweetnam to third place. Mexico did not disappoint with its professional rider Nicolás Pizarro Suarez placing in the seventh position of this magnificent competition with a time of 71.11 leaving the public standing with his magnificent performance.

Ireland takes Broxel Trophy with Shane Sweetnam and Cyklon

With the sun in its splendor at noon at the CDMX, the Broxel trophy trial begins, with a total of 55 participants, making the public very excited about the close competition that took place on the Campo Marte.

The test was summoned at to two phases with a height of 1.45 meters, seemed like it would be a quiet competition, but from the beginning the participants began to gallop at the start of their second phase, leaving the time very tight for the other riders, creating a very tight competition. In the first 7 riders it seemed that the time could not go down of 21 seconds but it was not until Denis Lynch arrived with a time of 20.39 seconds placing himself in first place. But those 20.39 seconds were not enough when Julien Epaillard entered the track, leaving a time to win of 19.70 seconds that several tried to beat but only two riders got it; Simon Delestre who got the second place with 19.62 seconds and the inspired Irish Shane Sweetnam who left a winning time of 19.33 seconds.

The fans could not have witnessed a more exciting two-phase event, the best level in the world competing for the first place, as well as a magnificent performance by the Mexican riders Patricio Pasquel and Andrés Azcárraga who were left with the sixth and seventh position of the competition.

Complicated course for the Azimut trophy that Arturo Parada manages to take away.

The second day of the LGCT begins with the Azimut trophy, a tour that presented its difficulties for the riders to achieve a track with cero faults. Summoned at a height of 1.45 meters against the clock, with a total of 12 obstacles and 14 jumps, the design of the course charged its victims leaving only 5 courses with cero faults.

The surprise was given by José Madariaga riding Dvidoff, a rider who corrected his mistake of yesterday, and achieved the first clean track in 72.02 seconds placing first in the test, but the victory did not last long as only two riders later appeared the Uruguayan Juan Manuel Luzardo riding Stan couple who carries many victories throughout his career that dropped the time to 62.01, a time that seemed unbeatable.

The German Wilhelm Genn tried to steal the post of Juan Manuel Luzardo but his time was not enough placing himself in second place. But it was not until Arturo Parada appeared riding the Cornets Dream, that he finished second yesterday, that from the moment he crossed the begin line, he galloped at full speed, subtracting strides from distances and cutting all the laps, achieving an unbeatable time of 60.09 seconds, taking first place in the Azimut trophy.