Exciting recovery of the International Jumping Competition of Santander

Exciting recovery of the International Jumping Competition of Santander

After four years of economic downturn, Santander’s traditional International Jumping Competition returned to La Magdalena this past weekend, and it could not do it in better way. The Spanish Meteorological Agency forecasted cloudy or clear skies for those days, and its forecast was fulfilled until Sunday afternoon. It can be said that the XV edition of the CSI2* Santander has been a resounding success in all aspects.

The good weather encouraged the Santander public, who did not fail on any occasion. The stands of people who were preparing to enjoy a good day of sun and horses, made the atmosphere in the Campa de la Magdalena was insurmountable; a very dedicated public thundered the coast of the Cantabrian capital, encouraging their favorite riders. The flags of Argentina, Chile, France and Venezuela waved throughout the weekend in honor of the representatives of their respective countries. The Cantabrians had a large number of representatives, such as Saúl Gutiérrez Oti, Tobias Hanke, Mar Terán or María León, who felt the inexhaustible support of the public throughout every second of the contest.

The most important test of this weekend was the CaixaBank Grand Prix, which was qualifying for the international ranking and took place on Sunday at 18:30. Not even the rain that began to fall that afternoon was able to silence the public, who encouraged the riders until the very end of the race. The test was loaded with an emotion that lasted until the last participant, Kevin González de Zárate, the Basque rider who made his way to the podium four times this weekend, ended up taking the victory.

Among the highlights of the weekend was also the Gobierno de Cantabria Trophy and the Ayuntamiento de Santander Trophy, that gave us a waste of quality and adrenaline, in which all riders gave their their best. The respective winners of both events were Chilean Uri Rosenzweig and Alexandre Boudarel.

Beside from the sports area, to recover the International Jumping Competition of Santander has been very positive for the city, which has thanked the economic benefit that has meant for the Cantabrian capital the celebration of the XV edition of the CSI2* Santander. The budget for the contest was € 250,000, and the prize money was € 50,000, of which € 25,000 was shared out at the CaixaBank Grand Prix. An incentive for the public has been both free entry and participation in the bets, that on Sunday afternoon, with a total of € 1.4000 bet, distributed among five people a jackpot accumulated since Friday. The hotel occupancy has amounted to more than 80 rooms among organization staff, riders, companions, sponsors, judges and officials. In Santander, more than one hundred people who have worked in the event as official staff, catering staff, drivers, track boys, people in charge of the assembly, betting staff… made it possible for both participants and the public to enjoy an equestrian show of jumps.

The Santander International Jumping Competition had an important impact in the local press and in television media such as RTVE who approached La Magdalena on Sunday to cover the last day of the event. This Wednesday 13 at 18:30 Teledeporte will broadcast the CaixaBank Grand Prix, and over the next few weeks the race will be re-broadcast on Class Horse TV and Equidia.