Second stage of thel XVIII Casas Novas Tropy presented by Suzuki

Second stage of thel XVIII Casas Novas Tropy presented by Suzuki

The second phase of the XVIII edition of the Casas Novas Trophy, presented one more year by Suzuki, has taken place this weekend at the Casas Novas Equestrian Center, once again succeeding in number entries.

The sports program was made up of official tests reserved for ponies and open tests for the rest, in which more than 200 pairs have competed on the indoor track of the center of La Rioja.

The protagonists in the tests of ponies have been:

Ponies A: First Diego Fernández Rodriguez, Evelyn Arosa second and Zoe Romero third.
Ponis B: First, Candela Suarez, second, Adai Hernandez and third, Iria Rodriguez.
Ponies C: First Alejandra Alvarez, secondly Ylenia Mallo and thirdly Emma Vazquez.
Ponies D: First Mar Casadevall in second place María Jurado and third Olivia Tapias.
After this second qualification the category of Ponies D to the league is incorporated. The provisional classification is as follows (see provisional classification attached).

In the open trials, the winners of the important tests were:


1.20: First Joaquín Poves, in second place Jesús Bamonde and in third place Cecilia Naveira.

1.30: First Xavier Blanco riding Silvano H, secondly José Luis Milán riding Dulisca and Antonio Honrubia third riding Cintia.


1.20: First Groria Hevia, second place Leticia Vazquez and third place Cecilia Naveira.

Grand Prix: First Jose Luis Milan Dopico riding Dulisca, in second place Julio Gonzalez Robinson riding Askaro and in third place Guillermo Araujo riding Santa Apolonia Estrella.

Total success again in this second stage, which will culminate in October with the grand finale.