The King’s Cup – Volvo Trophy flies to Israel with the victory of Daniel Bluman

The King’s Cup – Volvo Trophy flies to Israel with the victory of Daniel Bluman

Twelve riders have disputed the victory in the jump off of the The King’s Cup – Volvo Trophy: Jérôme Guery, Laura Kraut, Maikel van der Vleuten, Ludger Beerbaum, Audrey Coulter, Nicola Philippaerts, Pedro Veniss, Pieter Devos, Simon Delestre, Daniel Bluman and the Spaniards: Manuel Fernández Saro and Eduardo Álvarez Aznar. The two  Spaniardshave finished with 8 points, for two knockdowns.

The outcome has been known at the last moment. A very fast one, Daniel Bluman, last on the track and riding Bacara d’Archonfosse, has imposed on the test, after cutting in only one tenth the time of the Belgian champion Pieter Devos (38.17 seconds), which seemed unbeatable, and that Has finished second. Another Belgian rider, Jérôme Guery, has qualified in third place after leading the race for a few minutes and making the Trophy very difficult with a magnificent time of 38.45 seconds. Infanta Elena de Borbón has presented the prize to the winner of the S.M. The King – Volvo Trophy.

The Caser Trophy for the Best Spanish Rider of the Test for Manuel Fernández Saro and the Iberdrola Trophy for the Best Amazon of the show, that has been for the American Audrey Coulter.

32 pairs have participated in  The King’s Cup – Volvo Trophy, height test 1.50 / 1.55 m, which has been played under table A, with tiebreaker. They have not managed to qualify for the tiebreaker some of the favorites for the podium of this event, such as Marcus Ehning, Bertram Allen, Christian Ahlmann, Marco Kutscher, Gerco Schröder or Harrie Smolders.

This concludes the 107th edition of CSI Madrid with a successful participation and public at the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid