Bright, precise and consistent. This could summarize the participation of the team in the GCL semifinal held tonight at the O2 Arena.

They were the fifth to go on track, and they managed to do what no other team could: finish their three courses without fouls. Marc Houtzager went into the arena  with Calimero, getting rid of the thorn yesterday and signing the first clear of the team, generating the necessary confidence for the team. Then it was the turn of the Dutchman Maikel Van der Vleuten with his veteran Verdi. And they did not fail, ending this pair also without penalties. Thus, all the pressure fell on the Spanish Eduardo Álvarez Aznar. He returned to the track with his best weapon, Rokefeller de Pleville Bois Margot, marking the line to which we are accustomed and getting the third clear. Thus, his result of Friday night have proclaimed them winners of the semifinal, thus getting the longed for passport for the Grand Final on Sunday.

The teams that will fight for the title along with Madrid in Motion will be: Montreal Diamonds, London Knights. Valkenswaard United, Paris Panthers and Scandinavian Vikings.