What we offer?

Oxer is the leading Spanish company in the management of equestrian sponsorships.

Our task is to optimize the companies’ investment seeking to link corporate image to the values of freedom and dynamism inherent in equestrian sports.

  • Competition title communicated to all media.
  • Sponsor representative participates in the prize giving ceremony.
  • The representative of the Sponsor would deliver the trophy to the winner.
  • Winning horse receives blanket with the sponsor logo.
  • Excellent exposure inside the arena.
  • TV Broadcast focuses on horse and rider at jumps.
  • Press photographers normally go for action shot (jump).
  • Different design available according with the sponsor image.
  • TV promos at the beginning and end of broadcasts
  • Classic advertising element and led boarding system.
  • Affords optimum media exposure.
  • TV broadcast of event takes place in arena.
  • A variety of different camera views and angles is generated due to changing order and positions of the jumps.
  • Exclusive advertising element placed into the arena to heighten impact on TV: Cars, Entrance Arches, Video Scoreboard, Totem, Flags, Clocks…
  • Logo placement: Logo backdrop at the press-center, Scoreboard / Video screen, Spots, VIP Ticktes, Press Kit, Starter and result list, Staff dressed with branded clothes…
  • Posters, flyers, advertisement place in the main points of the city.
  • Bus stop marquees.
  • Clocks.
  • Subway’s stairs.
  • Flags.
  • Presentations.
  • Near the main arena.
  • Shopping area for all the spectators.
  • Luxury brands.
  • Equestrian brands.
  • Equestrian baptism of the kids.
  • Activities and workshops for children.