More than three hundred pairs have competed this weekend in the indoor arena of the Casas Novas Equestrian Center. The second stage has not disappointed anyone, being full for more than a week before the start of the competition.
After the second qualifying  the provisional classification of the Trophy is led by: Alejandra Pérez Arias in Ponies A, Olivia Tapias in Ponies B, Alexia Pérez Abollo in Ponies C and Lidia Fernández Solar in Ponies D .
The young Galician Diego Ramos was again the winner of the Grand Prix with Caddington, being the only pair that finished the course without take downs in both rounds. Another Galician, Javier González Fraga, just arrived from the Ruta del Sol, had an outstanding performance being qualified second with Aniña in the Grand Prix as well as in the big event on Saturday. Third was Nilay Girginer.